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Working Application of Automatic Special-shaped Glass Cutting Machine

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Working Application of Automatic Special-shaped Glass Cutting Machine

      The glass needs to be manufactured separately according to the actual installation size, so each piece of glass needs to be cut separately. In order to improve the production efficiency of insulating glass, but also to ensure the quality of special shape (non-rectangular) glass cutting, a fully automatic shaped glass cutting machine was born.

  Automatic special-shaped glass cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of bending and arc cutting process requirements. Through the use of three-axis linkage machinery to complete angular positioning, tool linear velocity positioning and cutting path motion control.

      The three-axis machinery of this system is different from the ordinary. In the general three-axis machinery, Z, X, Y form a three-dimensional space, while the Z axis of the glass cutting machine is a rotating axis, which mainly ensures that the cutting tool's walking direction and angle are always in line with X, The composite movement direction of the Y axis is kept consistent, thus effectively ensuring the cutting efficiency and quality and extending the life of the cutting tool.

  At the same time, the three-axis load of the glass cutting machine is also different from the general system. In this project, the three-axis linkage requirements are relatively high, and the motion control accuracy is relatively high. At the same time, it is hoped that the machine can analyze the design drawings and work autonomously to achieve the fully automatic standard.


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