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CNC Glass Machining Processing Machine

Main Application
Drilling, Milling, Internal and External grinding and polishing, Writing, Shaped Notching, Engraving on glass、Marable, stone, quartz and so on
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Main Application

Drilling, Milling, Internal and External grinding and polishing, Writing, Shaped Notching, Engraving on glassMarable, stone, quartz and so on

Mechanic Structure

1.The machine tool and beam adopt welded steel structure. With special heat treatment, the structure is firm and can work for a long time.

2.The machine uses automobile paint which is more rust-resistant.

3.Total weight: about 7 tons (including peripheral accessories and electric cabinet).


Mechanic Transmission

The machine is transmitted through AC servo motor by synchronic belt and synchronic belt wheel driven spindle. There is automatic lubricating system for the screw nut and guide-rail slider of the transmitting parts.


Servo System

It adopts Mitsubishi/Hitachi AC servo system

Screw: all the screws are from KGF series double nut screw (German NEFF)



1.There is a multi-location worktable of large size in front of the machine. With function of automatic rubdown of high precision, users can adjust the flatness of the worktable when needed. This is to keep a flat worktable.

2.There are positioning blocks for the work piece and vacuum system.

3.There is a tool library with 2 x 5 tools. There is a tool library with 5 tools at both left and right side of the machine. Users can select different tools and optimize route according to processing requirements.


Parts of Main Spindle

1.Motor of the main spindle: it adopts asynchronous speed-adjust sensor motor of high efficiency. Adjusting range of rotating speed: 0 9000.

2.The machine equips 10 pieces of IOS 40 handles. The cone part adopts 7:24 international uniform standard which is easy to be changed. Grinding wheel with outer diameter 170 mm can be used.

Electric Cabinet

The distributing of electric cabinet can be designed according to customers requirements. Each terminal is clearly marked. This is convenient for the maintenance in the future.


Drawing Software

With Auto CAD software, user can design any geometrical pattern on PC with mouse and keyboard.

Typesetting System

With combination of CNC engraving system, user can set the variable parameter of processing pattern and then it will generate G code automatically.


Safety and Reliability of Operation

1.The moving parts are lubricated by automatic lubricating system.

2. Electric cabinet adopts IP54 industrial standard and equips air-conditioner.

3.The electric parts inside electric cabinet are common products in the market which is easily changed.

4.The main fault will be automatically reminded.

Central Lubricating System

It adopts PDI lubricating system of American BIJUR DELIMON which can timely lubricate the transmitting parts by separate setting to PLC.

Technical Parameter of CS Motor Grease Pump

Voltage of motor


Max. working pressure


Oil-draining of single outlet


Quantity of outlet


Power of motor


Available Grease

NLGI  000#~2#

Cubage of oil tank



progressive PRG


Configure of Machine

1.Handle: 10 pieces of IOS 40 handles (it equips 10 pieces of grinding wheels. Amount can be changed according to customers requirement).

2.Motor of main spindle: 6 KW

3.Vacuum pump: vacuum for sucking raw glass

4.Placing of electric cabinet: length-ways/transverse; length-ways

Main technical data


axis XX = 3000 mm

Length ways

axis Y:   Y = 1500 mm


axis Z:   Z = 250 mm

Allocating accuracy(X,Y,Z)





Running Condition

Power supply

380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases

Environment temperature

0 – 50 ℃

Relative humidity

< 90%

Compressed air

≥ 0.6 Mpa

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