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  • Mar
    Less Demands Lead To Weak Transactions

    Glass spot market recent performance does not meet expectations from glass manufacturers. Glass deliveries do not rise remarkably and it is quite difficult for manufacturing companies to cut down their inventories, due to late and less operation rates of processing companies and oversupply.Pricing a

  • Feb
    Market Review On Transaction Prices Of Soda Ash

    Regarding supplying end in soda ash market, Anhui Debang recovers to production and Henan Jinshan has the new equipment with 700,000 ton capacity under test. Other suppliers such as Liaoning Dahua, and Liuzhou Chemical still do not announce their production plans, while the industrial operation rate

  • Feb
    Glass and Glazing Material Prices Increase Across the Board

    Prices for materials used in glass and glazing manufacturing increased in all categories in January 2019 according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).The monthly PPI for flat glass in the commodity category grew 1 percent from the previous month,

  • Jan
    Quotations Adjustment In Eastern China For Lowing Inventories

    Several manufacturers in Eastern China have put forward their sales policies for Spring Festival, which majorly focuses on lowering prices with no clear limitation of products quantities and categories. At this moment, there are only two manufacturing companies adopt sales policies, others are expec

  • Jan
    Glass Spot Market Meets Expectations During New Year Holidays

    Glass spot market meets expectations during New Year Holidays with basically steadfast deliveries. Due to cold weather, deliveries from some manufacturers are impeded.There is a production line from Shahe yuanhua, with 1,000 tons output, going to be shutdown and its recovery day is pending due to la

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Tel: +86-531-58550609
Phone: +86-15665767071    
Skype: eworldmachine
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